Interview with writer Shakoor Majid


By Hafsa Islam

Shakoor Majid was born 22nd November, 1965 and is from the Mathiura village of Beanibazar in Sylhet.

Shakoor has been a professional architect since 1993. He has been involved in photography, journalism as well as creative writings from his childhood. He wrote his first drama for radio aged 20.

From 1996 he started writing for television and has written and directed as many as 10 Telefilms and banked around 2 dozen awards as best screen writer and director by different cultural and journalist associations.

So far he has recorded more than 300 episodes of travel documentaries and produced a documentary film on the legendary mystic singer Shah Abdul Karim titled Bahtir Purush.

He also had written a stage play named Mohajoner naw (The boat of a merchant), based on the life and philosophy of the celebrated Baul Shah Abdul Karim.

Shakoor is a prolific writer too. So far he has written 32 books on his memories, architecture and photography.

Shakoor Majid is based at the faculty of Science at Ahsanullah University.

Explain your passion for poetry?

My writing career started as a poet from my childhood. I gave up writing poetry aged 21 to concentrate on prose and drama.

What makes a good writer?

A good writer must be a good reader. They must know how good writings are created. A good writer must have the essence to recognise a happening from every angle.

How does a poem begin for you?

While reading some poetry of Jibananda Das and Syed Shamul Haq I tried to create some for myself. And hence it started for me.

What is your favorite movie and why?
Its very difficult to name a particular movie. But when I get time I watch a trilogy, a Polish film named Red, Blue and White.

What advice do you have for writers?

Don’t try to write unless you cannot resist writing its of.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block?

Some times.

What is inspiration?
When I feel something to express.

Is spoken word and poetry the same?



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